About the platform

Information and Scope of the Platform

This website and online platform was implemented as part of the EU funded collaborative project "TrustEE - Financing and realising energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in industry" (hereinafter "TrustEE").

TrustEE aims to foster the implementation and financing of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy projects (RES) across European industry. Although the potential for the integration of energy efficiency measures and renewable energies is high, many technically and economically promising and well-developed projects - especially in SME - lack viable financing due to non-standardized project evaluation procedures, inadequate performance or credit guarantees, lack of guidelines for estimating project risks, unpredictable technical specifications of the sustainable concepts or due to other related financing challenges.

In the framework of project TrustEE these issues and barriers are addressed. The aim is to promote the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the integration of renewable energies in the European industry. The development of an innovative financing model and this web-based platform for automatically and standardized technical and economic evaluation of EE and RES projects aims to overcome these challenges.

1. Project Assessment

  • Technical benchmarking versus state-of-the-art EE or RE technology/systems
  • Financial assessment based upon financial risk/return requirements

The basis for the TrustEE project financing model is a comprehensible project assessment. Therefore, this semi-automated platform for standardized technical and economic project evaluation was developed. On this platform the technical and economic data for industrial energy efficiency or renewable energy projects can be entered and undergo a three-stage evaluation, including an automatic technical and economic evaluation of the project data

2. Financing (Project perspective not part of this online platform)

  • The Securitisation Vehicle (SV) "Sustainable Future TrustEE" purchases receivables, allowing suppliers to design flexible project payment schemes
  • These purchases allow industrial SMEs (suppliers and owners) to design flexible payment plans, which are financed by tradeable securities offered to investors on the capital market

The long term goal of this Platform however as part of the TrustEE will be to promote the realization of the presented projects identified by the Platform to be potentially viable both technically and economically by providing a possibility for future (re-)financing of investments.

At this particular date this Platform only performs a standardized and automated assessment of the eligibility of the presented project for future re-financing possibilities via TrustEE. You will receive a Project Report outlining the results of the first two stages of the three-stage project evaluation. Reaching the respective stages indicates to you that certain economic, technological and qualitative criteria have been met. This result is non-binding and entails no commitment respecting potential financing, actual financing or even consideration in the further course of the TrustEE project.

Potential next steps towards a project re-financing - if and inasmuch as instruments for re-financing will actually be implemented and all legal and administrative requirements will be fulfilled - will, in any case, require further information and exchange between users and project promotors as well as an explicit agreement by users and promotors to a suitable legal framework which is still to be implemented.
For further information on the services rendered by this Platform please see the User Licence Agreement for Use.

For further information on the TrustEE project, see the project website www.trust-ee.eu or contact us directly via contact@trust-ee.eu